I am interested in how people form habits.
It is surprising that so much of life revolves around our habits. They impact every area, not only our behaviour but our thoughts, emotions, and relationships.
We often persist in habits that are unhelpful yet find it difficult to maintain
those that we know are best.
The methods I use in my coaching program focus on creating life-giving habits that are easy to implement and bring a feeling of hope and progress.

A perspective on beliefs

I like to see your beliefs as guests. You invite them to come in and have a conversation with you. Listening to your beliefs clarifies what they have to say. You can then decide if they make sense. Unhelpful beliefs often come in the form of accusations and criticism. I am there to help you ask your guests for evidence that supports their accusations and criticisms of you.
We give them a fair trial but if the evidence they present is not conclusive then you can tell them not to come in next time, to stay at the door.