About Me

I completed an honours degree in Psychology, a masters in Pastoral counseling and then entered the wonderful and rigorous training of parenting five children. Parenting is stimulating and terrifying all at once and I am still thrilled by the opportunities for growth it presents. It humbles me as I often feel inadequate for the job. At the same time equipped in every way to love my children. 

My husband and I have home-schooled three, almost adult daughters. We are currently enjoying the adventure of educating our two primary school sons. I love being at home but also love adventure trips with my family.  

I trained as a Life coach because I love progress, solving life’s problems and discovering strategies to live better.  Life sometimes feels chaotic and the truth is I am rarely in control of what could happen today or in the future. This is hard to accept and I often  try to order and control my environment and even my family so that I can feel more secure. I am learning to laugh at my futile attempts to control life and focus my thoughts on being grateful for the stuff that comes my way daily. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t.

I love things that look simple, I find them relaxing. This includes colours that are understated, like navy, white, soft green and even black. I used to resist my natural attraction to these tones, I thought they would make me feel sad. As I have become more accepting of myself, I rest in the soft tones as a place for my mind to recharge.

I love art.

I love logical thinking.

I love perfecting systems that create order.

I enjoy asking questions because it helps me understand another person’s view of the world.

I enjoy asking questions because it keeps me quiet for a bit longer.

I enjoy asking questions because it trains me to listen.