“changing small behaviours that would help me become the healthy person I wanted to be, was easy.”

Sandy Lawrence

Some of the benefits from having coaching with Vanessa.

I have learnt to identify negative thought patterns. Vanessa then gave me the tools to counteract and replace these negative patterns with positive ones.

After a session with Vanessa, I felt empowered to tackle hard things in my life. This is because she did not provide answers for me but helped me think through the root causes of my struggles and how I could respond to them differently.

I appreciated Vanessa’s amazing patience as she guided me through a confusing period in my life.

Laurel Knowels

What I appreciate about the way Vanessa works.

I have felt that Vanessa is genuinely concerned about my growth. She is dedicated and intuitive in her sessions and follow up. I felt mentally exhausted after each session which indicated to me that we were not just weeding the surface. It has been one of the best returns on an investment I’ve experienced in my adult life.

John Jardine

I have experienced a number benefits from the coaching sessions I have had with Vanessa.

The first benefit is being able to break down a task or goal into tiny habits to achieve that goal. On discovering with Vanessa that the habits I had initially set were too big and I wasn’t achieving them, we broke them down further. In fact, you break them down to a degree where they are almost impossible not to do. Vanessa also reinforces that one need not feel guilty in not achieving them, it is just a sign that they need to be smaller, and this was good.

The second benefit was discovering that if I waited for ideal conditions to materialize, then I may never achieve what I really wanted to. Vanessa helped me discover beliefs that were holding me back from movement in a new area of my life. Once these were addressed change happened swiftly.

One of things I appreciate about the way Vanessa works is that she is very practical in helping discover where your mental or emotional blockage or belief may be. While she does provide leeway in not doing what you said you were going to do, she will call you out very quickly when she sees the pattern beginning to repeat, which is great.

Vanessa certainly wants to ensure that you grow and progress. She is understanding but firmly keeps you focused on what you want to achieve. Progress has been unexpectedly rapid with Vanessa.

Simon Plunkett

When my husband passed away, I started feeling tired all the time even when I had slept a lot, the fatigue never ended. I was not able to concentrate or focused on anything. I often forgot important things.

Later, I lost confidence in running my small business. I was frustrated and started to isolate myself.

Then, by God’s Grace, Vanessa start to journey with me. The first question she asked me was: what is the part of your life you would like to work on? I needed confidence to make my business grow. While she was helped me work on growing my small business, she helped me see other challenges that I was facing, in gentle way. She helped me to see part of my life that need medical attention. She guided me to see the Grace of God in my life, she helped me to see that God is in control of my life although I have challenges. 

Today I am grateful to God and Vanessa because I’m doing well emotional and I am more confident in my small business.